Terms & Conditions

SoundCloud Terms of Service

1. Please understand that power outages and downtime are likely to happen occasionally: We will gladly extend your service period at no additional cost to you if time is lost due to a power outage or downtime. We want you to get the full amout of service for which you initially paid.

2. Your account MUST be public at ALL times! We promise to NEVER ask you for your personal password but we DO require that you keep your account set to public as we cannot add SoundCloud Followers to private accounts. This is non-negotiable!

3. Little to no delay: We will automatically add SoundCloud Followers to your account within as little as ten minutes to an hour.

4. New Posts Only: We will only add Followers, Likes and so forth to posts that have been made after your purchase your services. We can not add to posts made prior to the time of payment.

5. Social Cloud Issues: We are not responsible for connectivity or other issues on the actual Sound Cloud Site. Please be considerate as the problem is on their end and not ours.

6. Cancellations: All cancellations of service for any reason MUST be done on Paypal. Just click on the “recurring payment” tab and hit cancel.

7. Refunds: We will grant refunds for dissatisfaction, major issues and failure on our end to deliver the services you purchased ONLY! Refunds will NOT be given for moderate or gradual SoundCloud Follower increases, or other such minor issues.